How to Create (and stick to) a Marketing Program for your Business

Marketing is almost always the task that gets pushed aside when things get busy or hectic. As a marketing consultant, this used to hurt my feelings. ‘Why don’t you care about marketing!?” Then I became a small business owner. And marketing my services became the lowest priority item on my daily to-do list. Read this post to understand how you can create a customizable and do-able marketing strategy for your business.

Is it Still Possible to Have an Engaged Audience on Facebook?

Unless you’ve completely avoided Facebook for the past couple of years, as a business owner, you’ve probably noticed it’s become increasingly difficult to have an engaged Facebook audience. It’s no secret ‘fake news’, paid-advertising, and artificial posts clutter Facebook’s feed. What’s worse, the constant stream of nonsense hurts honest business owners, who work hard to generate original and organic content.

When Was the Last Time You Did a Website Evaluation?

We all go to our doctor to get regular check-ups (well, most of us do), but how often do we worry about the health of our business websites?  A “healthy” website means it is working in the best way possible for you and your brand. At the same time, it’s vital your site is well received. Performing a simple website audit keeps your site current and user-friendly. It also allows for a clear, actionable list to improve SEO and super-charge your digital marketing.