All in Analytics

It's common practice at the end of any year to take a look back as well as a look at what's to come. What worked what didn't work for your business? What are the "trends" for 2016? What trends are no longer effective?

As I take a look back at this year, I also reflect on my years as a marketer working with small businesses. In a market that is changing at nothing slower than 100 miles an hour, it's vital to do- more than just once a year. And honestly, it can be intimidating! 

The key to designing a landing page is optimizing it for conversions. While there is no set formula that works for every company every time, there are some guidelines that can help get you going. The most important thing to do is get your landing page up there and start A/B testing different elements. I've come up with a quick and dirty landing page best practices guide to help get you started.

The two areas you need to focus on when considering landing page best practices are the layout and the language.

Twitter has a bad a** analytics platform. And it's not just for advertisers! The UI is amazing and the data is invaluable. When starting any new marketing endeavor, I always start with a deep dive of available analytics.  As a marketer you're going to have to start to love numbers if you don't already. If you're looking for simple ways to improve your Twitter presence the analytics platform is a great starting point.