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inbound marketing consultant

I help small businesses market themselves in a cost effective way so they can continue doing what they love.

A writer at heart, I adore the art of telling a story. My studies in journalism have given me a reporter’s intuition and a keen eye for detail, which has helped me greatly in all of my online marketing endeavors.

I became a marketing consultant when I realized I could combine my love for communications and meeting new people.

I love my job because it allows me to continuously learn new things, meet new people and help tell the unique stories that make someone’s business special.

In addition to my passion for communications, I am also an enthusiast for travel and adventure. I spent the end of my years at Northeastern University traveling from Boston to different countries, such as Egypt, Syria, Qatar and South Africa on journalism endeavors.  I then moved back to my home state of Maine where I was part of the management team that took a brand new French bistro to becoming one of the hottest new restaurants in the region picking up a James Beard Best New Restaurant in the Country award nomination within the first year of operation.

I try to spend my spare time on the water, traveling and having as much fun as possible! :)

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