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Life is short, you should enjoy it. Easier said than done when you're running a business. 

Does this sound familiar: "I know I need marketing, I can just NEVER get to it."

I have found the most successful business owners are ones that are also humble. In being humble, people often put talking about themselves, aka marketing, on the back burner. 

The thing is, you CAN create a successful, manageable marketing program that fits your brand without spending a fortune or losing time you don't have. Click the link to the right to learn more.


What other's have to say about me...

"Melissa is one of the most dedicated and hard-working individuals I have ever met. Her passion for inbound marketing and social media is contagious and inspiring - it is obvious that she loves what she does!" 

- Lauren Colson | Senior Product Designer




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My first job was helping my dad bait lobster bags,  I  could eat pasta for every meal, I  love to run on the beach and I'm loyal to a fault.