Marketing 101 for Real Estate Agents

Marketing yourself is freaking HARD! I know because I have to do it for my business and it’s usually the last thing on my to-do list and always gets pushed off.

But marketing yourself does NOT have to be stressful, or cost a lot of money, or take up all of your time. Nor do you have to do every marketing tactic out there!

Join real estate professionals like yourself on Wednesday, February 6th as I explore how to:

  • Lock down your branding

  • Become a rockstar at project management

  • Use social media

  • Create an effective email marketing program

  • Organize your contacts in a CRM

  • Work with tools that are FREE and EASY to use!

  • and so much more!

I’ve had so much fun outlining this webinar and I think it’s going to be super helpful for all of you who are exhausted at trying to master your personal marketing and ready to sell some houses!

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