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Breaking Down Organic vs Paid Search

We live in a world where we can get anything almost instantaneously. As a marketer, this has affected my job in numerous ways, one of the overarching themes being that my clients typically want results and they want them yesterday.

That's a hard argument to go up against when you are trying to explain to them the benefits of creating an inbound marketing strategy.  Most won't see results immediately and therefore want to try something different.  One problem I often face when suggesting inbound marketing tactics, is advising clients on organic vs paid search.

7 Tools for Finding Content to Write/ Share/ Inspire

You've set your morning aside for curating content to push out into the online world and attract people back to your website and engage with your business.

Just one problem.  You sit down and you can't think of anything to write/post/share.

It happens to all of us.  Setting aside the time in the first place to actually create content and share content can be a challenge.  Additionally it can be incredibly tough to actually produce and find that creative, engaging content.

7 Smart Places to Share Blog Posts on Social

A good social media marketing strategy usually goes hand-in-hand with a good blogging strategy. But once you create your content, where on social media do you share it? Even I am guilty of forgetting the many places to share blog posts on social media!

Once your blogging and social strategies are in place, you should know just about how frequently you are going to be blogging and what social media platforms you are going to be engaging on.

4 Easy First Steps to Blogging

Content is king. We know already!

It's 2014 and it is an accepted fact that in order to improve your SEO, and ultimately lead generation, you need to be producing fresh content. This is not new news, but for many, it's still a daunting task that has constantly been pushed to the back burner.

Well, like those pesky gym instructors many of us face in the January of a new year, I'm here to get you in gear! I've outlined four first steps to blogging.

Proof: Content Creation Does Great Things

I have a story to tell you that proves the effectiveness and, in this case, importance of content creation.  I am currently sitting in the lobby of the Morgan Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.  I got here at 6 am and am waiting for the rest of my immediate family to join me. This weekend I am attending a family reunion of 15 or so American relatives I've never met and about 30 Irish relatives, also all of whom I never met.   This may never have happened without the Internet and the magic of content creation.