The future of Pinterest.

About two weeks ago now, Pinterest added their business page option.  This was an inevitable move, but I, never-the-less, am excited for it to be here.

Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 7.35.07 PM
Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 7.35.07 PM

I have been an avid fan of using Pinterest for your businesses ever since I started working with a graphic design client this past summer. I truly thought there work was amazing and should be displayed on Pinterest for everyone to see.  While Pinterest is a great place to display your work, I also think of it as a place to create boards that express who you are as a business and/or an individual.

As someone who grew up surrounded by and loving photography, I feel very connected to images, maybe more so than others, but I think that for most everyone, images trigger certain emotions that can influence them in many different ways.  I would like to see peoples' emotions be considered more by businesses and I think Pinterest is the perfect place to do that.

As someone who joined social media for the sake of promoting transparency, among other things, you can see why I love and believe in the platform so much.

Besides just displaying products and promoting transparency, I think that  if (when) Pinterest enables people to purchase products through their site, the way in which we consume products will be taken to a whole new level.  I think this is inevitably where Pinterest has to end up if they want to power through to being THE next social media platform.  While it's already up there with Facebook and Twitter it is going to have to prove its longevity and its ability to keep up with the Jones's in the realm of social media, so to say.  That means constantly making improvements and becoming more user friendly.

This is all hunky dorey for consumer companies but it doesn't effect B2B companies right? WRONG.

And I am proof of that. Me, a no-name social media lover.

Okay so like most other girls my age, I have a Pinterest page for personal use to repin my favorite quotes and pieces of clothing I like.

However, I also started creating these ridiculous graphics to help link back to this website and this blog.  I created a board dedicated to "Social Media How-To's" and I featured the blog posts in which I describe how to do certain things on different social media platforms.

Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 7.51.43 PM
Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 7.51.43 PM

I told you they were ridiculous.

BUT- what's not ridiculous? The amount of traffic they've driven to my site.

That's right, these graphics have driven more traffic to my website then Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 7.49.26 PM
Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 7.49.26 PM

Lucky #4 goes to Pinterest, ladies and gents!

Now, another interesting fact: I have WAY less followers on Pinterest then on Facebook or Twitter.

What does this lead me to conclude? That perhaps, just as YouTube has become a popular resource for search, so will Pinterest.

So for all you B2B companies out there shunning Pinterest and ignoring it's potential importance.  Think again.  Get creative instead! At the very least start thinking of how can you drive traffic back to your site using Pinterest.  I mean if my graphics can work... ;)

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