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The Lifespan of Social Media Posts

A key component to a comprehensive social media strategy is going to be consistency.  Whichever social media platforms you choose, you are going to need to be posting consistently.  So just how consistent do you need to be on those social media platforms? Well, that question is best answered if we break down the overall lifespan of social media posts on different platforms.

Create the Perfect Pins for Pinterest

A picture is worth a thousand words. Why? Probably because visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, which makes Pinterest a great place for communicating. 

However, creating images that effectively communicate the message we are trying to get across to our audience is not always easy. That's why it is constantly a struggle to create the perfect pins for your Pinterest strategy.

How to Choose Social Media Platforms (Infographic)

Most people now understand that as a social media consultant, my job actually doesn't consist of playing on Facebook all day. I believe there is a much greater understanding of social media- that it's not a tool just used for posting what you had for lunch. Social media is a whole new way of communicating, and most people get that.

That being said, many small businesses are still trying to embrace this new way of communication. It can certainly be a challenge! One that usually begins with the question, "Where do I start?!"

I have been an avid fan of using Pinterest for your businesses ever since I started working with a graphic design client this past summer. I truly thought there work was amazing and should be displayed on Pinterest for everyone to see.  While Pinterest is a great place to display your work, I also think of it as a place to create boards that express who you are as a business and/or an individual.