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It's a question I hear a lot of my clients asking and unfortunately there's no single answer. As always, it comes down to what your overall marketing objectives are for your business. That's the best place to start when determining whether or not you should be paying for Facebook aka advertising on the platform.

Breaking Down Organic vs Paid Search

We live in a world where we can get anything almost instantaneously. As a marketer, this has affected my job in numerous ways, one of the overarching themes being that my clients typically want results and they want them yesterday.

That's a hard argument to go up against when you are trying to explain to them the benefits of creating an inbound marketing strategy.  Most won't see results immediately and therefore want to try something different.  One problem I often face when suggesting inbound marketing tactics, is advising clients on organic vs paid search.

How to Set Up a Twitter Promoted Account Campaign

For many of the clients that I have helped get started on Twitter, a common question is always, how do we get more followers?

I always take the opportunity to first explain that the number of followers you have is irrelevant if those followers are not qualified followers that connect with your brand.

Growing your Twitter followers organically takes time for building connections.

How to Advertise on Facebook Using Promoted Posts

If you are just getting started on Facebook I would say there are two things you should keep in mind.  First and foremost, you need an effective Facebook strategy for your brand.  This is going to take time and work. It won't happen overnight.

Get your strategy up and running and then get ready to break out your credit card.  I believe that in order to create a successful Facebook marketing strategy you need to put some money behind it.

I used to think of LinkedIn as the "boring" social media platform.  When I graduated from college my academic advisor suggested I sign up for it to network.  Unimpressed by the platform and a full time waitress (which meant my networking was done in real life at my tables), I wasn't all that inspired to start using it.