Take a Break From Social Media

Here I sit on this foggy Sunday at Sweet Woodruff, a tiny little gem of an establishment around the block from my house, taking a minute to enjoy some writing when it has dawned on me what may be one of the most beneficial pieces of advice I could give to a social media marketer:

Take a break from social media.

social media tips
social media tips

I’m often very guilty of doing just the opposite.  I feel this need to post everyday or interact on a social platform in some way at least once a day otherwise I'm missing something.

However, when I start to obsess about posting/interacting all the time, I easily start to lose track of the core objectives of the strategy.  Before I post anything I try to ask myself, why am I posting this? It helps!

Furthermore, when taking time away from social I find I come up with much better ideas that are more in line with the brand and the original objectives I set out to achieve. It keeps things fresh.

When I take time to sit down and just think, be it on the Bart, on my bedroom floor or while eating dinner, taking that time to THINK about the brand I’m representing greatly helps me brainstorm ideas for fresh new content to share.

Often I find my mind wanders to real life experiences I've had recently, be it out and about in my social life in San Francisco or in my work at the ad agency.

While wandering minds may be frowned upon and feel unproductive, I often find that those experiences can sometimes spark the best ideas.

It’s somewhat like a meditation practice. I just let whatever thoughts come and go. I try to keep the focus on the brand but sometimes that doesn't always work- and that's okay!

When using social media as a marketing tool it can be difficult to remember what social media at its core is. It’s not a tool for marketing in the traditional sense but rather a tool to spark intrigue, promote transparency, have fun and BE SOCIAL.

When your job is to post content on platforms to help market a brand it can be hard to remember that social media cannot be treated like a job.  The less social media management is treated like a job, I find the better, more original, more FUN the content is.

So tomorrow, when you set out to do your social posts, don’t post anything.  Instead take that time to put on a favorite album and dance at your desk, or go for a walk  on a route you wouldn't normally take and just let your thoughts come.

If you don’t think of any creative posts, don’t worry! At the very least I bet you will feel a whole lot more excited and enthusiastic about posting on social the next day. The break will make you that more fired up to come back. It’s a win win!

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