My Big Social Media Mistake

My Big Social Media Mistake

When I first started marketing, I made one big social media mistake. While I wasn't alone in making this mistake it was still a BIG one.

I was missing the bigger picture.

I would sit down and schedule out a bunch of tweets and LinkedIn posts, etc. I would allow myself a few hours to do this and then I would quickly move on to the next task only coming back to those platforms to check in occasionally. Then, a week later, I would sit down and schedule the next round of messages.

Then one day I got bored. I realized that if I was bored scheduling out these messages I bet everyone one else who saw them got that same boring sentiment.

This is not how social media is meant to work. In fact if you're trying to sell a product by doing social this way, it probably WON'T work.

social media mistake
social media mistake

You have to add the human element.  The lightheartedness every now and then. The realtime engagement.

I've learned in the world of marketing and advertising that there are new trends, tools and tactics that arise every day.  It can be overwhelming to keep up with.  Frequently it feels as though we are all grasping for something we don't quite understand.

I'm reminded of that famous quote from John Hughes' Ferris Buller's Day Off:

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." 

It's a good motto to apply to your marketing efforts. If you don't take time to look around  and understand WHY you are doing something (i.e. posting on social media) you're going to miss the beauty of it.

Part of why I have chosen to work with smaller businesses who need inbound marketing help is because they aren't just looking to make a lot of money.

Sure that's the end goal. Everyone wants to make money, duh.

What I mean is that most small businesses started doing what they do because it is important to them. They believe in what they sell and, for the most part, sell what they sell because they believe it will improve someones life in some way or another. Simple or grand.

That's a beautiful thing.

Social media allows for a different kind of selling that really shouldn't be called selling at all, but rather connecting and communicating.

If you can forget what selling a product traditionally looks like and see the bigger picture, social media is a way in which we can create a lifestyle and an environment that surrounds our product and helps consumers make more meaningful choices.

The best part about this is that by doing this, by connecting and creating this environment, you also in turn sell the product. More importantly, you sell the product to a customer who now has a deeper connection with your brand. More often than not, that leads to loyalty.

With hundreds of options for consumers, that loyalty thing cannot be underestimated.  It goes a long, long way.

What are you doing to strengthen your customer loyalty?

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