Holiday Parties & Social Media Etiquette

Holiday Parties & Social Media Etiquette

holiday party social media etiquette

It's that time of year again! There are seemingly not enough hours in the day, last minute shopping trips and Holiday party after Holiday party.  With all of these parties, generally festive attire and, of course, proper party etiquette are required. 

I have found that standard holiday party behavior can also be applied to proper social media etiquette.

Here are some guidelines:

Tip #1: Don't brag.  No one likes to hear about every awesome amazing thing you've done in the past year. Furthermore, everyone else might not think those things are s0oo awesome or amazing. Don't go around boasting about how great your company is.  Posting every single little update about small successes will certainly come across as arrogant.

Instead: Post about the big accomplishments in your company. Post graciously. Make sure you are promoting other companies' successes as well.  And remember, being humble goes a long way.

Tip #2:Don't bash your competitors.  It's certainly not a classy way to engage.  Talking negatively about other people is generally a sign that you don't have anything better to talk about. Think about what would happen if a prospective customer heard you talking badly about someone else. How does that make your company look in their eyes?

Instead: Do the opposite! Talk about companies you like that are doing positive things. The golden rule is generally a solid rule of thumb: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Tip #3: Be genuine.  Everyone wants to be popular. Everyone wants a lot of likes and new followers, but staying true to your brand is important. Don't post content just for the sake of posting content that gets engagement.

Instead: Make sure your content is true to your brand.  Create content that is appealing to your target market and an accurate representation of who you are.  Try to remember not everyone is going to like you.  Would you rather have 500 followers who are likely to buy your product or 5,000 who probably never will?

Tip #4 Engage.  If someone is interested in communicating with you, respond! You wouldn't sit in the corner at a Holiday party sulking would you? Well maybe you would but that's not very social. Or cool.

Instead: Communicate with your social media community. Retweet and share content you find appealing. Reach out to followers who post interesting content.  Respond to those who have reached out to you.

Tip #5:Get off of social media.  This one is important, especially for the Holiday season.  People know your company is run by, well, people.  If your brand is constantly posting on social media during the holidays, it's almost a little sad. Followers will know that you are either, one, not taking any time off to spend with family and friends and/or, two, that you have just prescheduled out a bunch of content.  Neither look very flattering.

Instead:  Be social in REAL LIFE. Turn off your computer and your cell phone for a day.  Go visit your family and friends. Remember that life is short.

To sum, when trying to decide what is good social media etiquette, think of how you would communicate in real life at a holiday party! Those basic manners we were taught at a very young age can go a long way.

I hope everyone has a very merry, safe and happy Holiday!


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