Flashback Friday: Sheryl Sandberg at Dreamforce

Flashback Friday: Sheryl Sandberg at Dreamforce

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For some light, yet incredibly inspiring Friday consuming, I thought I would share the keynote video of Sheryl Sandberg at Dreamforce from last fall. Sandberg is the COO of Faceobok, and Marc Benioff is the founder, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, two of the largest companies based out here in San Francisco. You may have heard of them?

Dreamforce, the massive conference put on in San Francisco every year by Salesforce, opens up the keynote addresses to the public for free. Totally awesome and I totally took advantage of it!

This interview has already greatly influenced decisions I have made in my career. Check it out:

Sheryl Sandberg's keynote address is incredibly inspiring, not only to women, but to business owners and representatives everywhere.

I don't want to go too much into what I think about this keynote address, but I do love the framework for this whole conversation. That by leveling the playing field for men and women, so to say, we are actually just going to be BETTER at business practices overall. Who doesn't want that?!?

It's not just about gender equality, it's about building better, more successful businesses.

The following are some of my favorite takeaways from Sandberg:

"So the next time in your office someone says a woman is too aggressive, too assertive, political, brusque; take a deep breath and ask some questions. And the next time you hear a little girl called bossy, walk up to the person who did it, who might be that girls parents, have a big smile on your face and say, 'You're little girl is not bossy, you're little girl has executive leadership skills."

"If you're the most junior level employee or you're the most senior level big executive, and you can work better with 50% of the population, you're going to out perform."

"We know that men get promoted on potential and women get promoted on what they've already accomplished. And we know that men will reach for opportunities when they meet some of the criteria and women when they meet all of the criteria." 

"...All means career and family and every man assumes and can have both. Every woman thinks she can't."

For more on Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" vision, visit the LeanIn.org site.

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