8 Ways to Repurpose Quality Content

8 Ways to Repurpose Quality Content

Investing in producing quality content can take a large amount of time or money, or both, seeing as time is money. That being said, it's something you need do, not for SEO purposes (although that's a no-brainer) but for your target audience. You want them to buy from you, right? They're going to need to trust you. You need to show them there's quality behind your brand and what you offer.

But what's the point in investing in quality content when your website's SEO isn't phenomenal and only a few people will see your content, right? Wrong! It's time to make that piece of content go the distance for you. 

To Begin: Start with a Bad A** Piece of Content

Let's say you sit down to write an in-depth expert piece of content for a company blog post. An in-depth expert piece should be about 2,500 words. Let's say it's a how-to piece.

Instead of starting from scratch, I like to think of an idea that's relevant to me that I actually have a significant amount of knowledge about. Throughout the week I'll make an outline expanding on different parts as they come to me. Additionally I'll do some research here and there to look up some high quality articles I can link to.  

Once all this information is gathered in a cohesive outline, it's actually quite easy to write a nice piece of quality content.

Now what? Now, you repurpose quality content.

Slideshare. Make it visual! Slideshare is a very easily consumable way to create your content into something visual. While you may not have the time to do this, outsourcing to a designer would be quite simple. Hand them the piece of content and your brand guidelines and viola! 

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great place to get your piece of content in front of interested parties that may not know your blog or website exists- yet. You can repurpose the whole piece or paraphrase. Whatever you do, make sure you link back to the original piece of content on your website.

Medium. Similar to the LinkedIn tip above, you can repurpose your quality content on Medium as well to reach a new audience. Medium tends to hold a lot of opinionated content. Can you take a section of your how-to piece and expand upon it with some strong opinions?

YouTube. Video. Don't read your post verbatim, BORING, but summarize the piece in a quick 2 to 3 minute video that you host on your YouTube channel.

Presentation. Is there an upcoming conference, meet-up group or trade show you could apply to present your content? Maybe you need to do some extra work and research to prove your findings or make your how-to piece a bit more data-backed, but this is a great way to get in front of a new audience.

Marketing collateral. Say you do get to give that presentation at a meet-up group per the tip above. Create it into a highly visual book or piece of marketing collateral that you can give to all of the attendees to take away. This is a great way to include your website and social links as well.

Ebook. Say you don't have a reason to create that marketing collateral. Certainly don't was the money on creating actual collateral. Instead, create a digital, visual ebook and host it on a landing page on your website.

Webinar. Can't give a presentation at an actual event? Create a virtual presentation of your findings in a webinar format. Perhaps you can do this same webinar over a series of months. Is there a company you can partner with to get it out to more of your followers?

Social media. Obviously you are going to share this awesomeness on social media in all its forms., but go a step further. Create visuals of quotes or statistics from your piece and make them into funky graphics. I highly recommend Canva. (PRO TIP: You can use Canva to create a majority of this stuff.)

These are just some of the ways you can repurpose quality content. I'm sure you can think of others as well! Whatever you choose to turn your quality content into, remember, don't do everything for the sake of everything. 

Is your target audience hanging out on these platforms? Don't know? Test a few of them and see what drives you traffic, leads, etc. Make sure you have a way to track all!

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