7 Smart Tips for Real Time Social Media Engagement

7 Smart Tips for Real Time Social Media Engagement

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One of the 2014 social media trends this year has certainly been the importance of real time social media engagement. It seems to be more and more assumed by the masses that social media platforms are not just a tool to put your marketing messages out there, and that real communication is a must, but let's take a closer look. Why do you need real time social media engagement?

Social media is a social place for people to connect with other people, people being the key word.

Part of why I loved getting into social media was because it was this place where everyone was seemingly transparent.  I think that after the whole economic downturn people craved transparency. How could we not? After all in a lot of ways the country felt a bit betrayed by what had gone on behind closed doors on Wall Street.

People want to see what's going on and they want to be a part of it.

The second part of the need for real-time engagement is that we are living in a world where people want answers and responses to things instantaneously- for better or worse.

I think most people know they need to have real-time social media engagement, but, how do you make time for it!?

Here are 7 tips to try to make real-time engagement work:

  1. Pick which platforms are best for you to spend doing real time social media engagement on. Take a look at your social media lead generation numbers. Where do most of your social leads come from? Are you a B2B company? Chances are LinkedIn might be the best place for you to do some real-time engagement. However, for both B2B and B2C companies, one of my favorite platforms is Twitter.

  2. Schedule out 15 minutes a day. Ideally, don't take all 15 minutes at the same time. Let's say you pick Twitter for your real time engagement platform. Why not take 5 minutes at three different points in the day to retweet a tweet, tweet at a fan or ask someone a question?

  3. Set an alarm. It can be hard to do 5 minutes at three different times without a reminder. Set three daily alarms at high peak social hours to do so!

  4. Take a day for social media. You probably have to schedule out all of your social media posts for the week/month anyway, right? Take that day and time to multi-task and simultaneously do some heavy hitting real time engagement as well.

  5. Don't force it. Let's say you are using those 5 minutes searching for someone to engage with but can't find anything relevant. Move on! The point is to be as natural as possible. Once those 5 minutes are up, move on to the next project.

  6. Share articles.  If you're reading an engaging article in your travels, share it! Before you do, try to find the author on the social platform you are sharing the content on and link to them.

  7. Do social on the go. You probably have a smart phone.  When out and about in your travels, if you stumble into a store, a restaurant or any other business that somehow relates to your brand, do a post about it!

These are just 7 tips that help me stay on track with my social engagement. Do whatever you have to do to make real time engagement a part of your social strategy, just don't forget to do it!

TWEET ME YOUR TIPS for real time social media engagement! What works for you?

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