Create the Perfect Pins for Pinterest

Create the Perfect Pins for Pinterest

Tips for Creating the Perfect Pins

A picture is worth a thousand words. Why? Probably because visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, which makes Pinterest a great place for communicating. 

However, creating images that effectively communicate the message we are trying to get across to our audience is not always easy. That's why it is constantly a struggle to create the perfect pins for your Pinterest strategy.

As always, a very important first step is to determine your small business Pinterest strategy objectives. Whether you are trying to raise brand awareness, drive traffic to your website or generate more leads, those objectives need to be clearly determined and the images you are going to create to achieve those objectives should be at the forefront of your mind always.

I will admit that I am not a Photoshop expert by any means. Creating original, captivating pins can be incredibly difficult and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be.

Here are 12 tips to help you create the perfect Pins for Pinterest:

  1. Make sure they are the right size. Pins in a Pinterest feed are 238 px by an adjusted height. When you click to enlarge Pins they will be 735 px by the adjusted height. I suggest making your Pinterest Pins 735 px wide and a bit longer than 735 px.  Make sure your pins aren't too long as people will be discouraged if they have to scroll back up very far to repin your pin.

  2. Design for the blink test. Make sure you Pins are clean and clear as to captivate someone's eye instantaneously. Optimize the use of color, white space and content.  You want your photos to be attention grabbing out of a sea of thousands of Pins.

  3. Include statistics.  Pinterest is a great place for infographics, we know this.  While infographics can be a bit more time consuming to create, including some statistics that back up your information is a great way to get your pins shared on social media and/or blog posts. Even creating an entire Pin dedicated to one statistic isn't a bad idea!

  4. Use custom design applications.Canva, my new favorite photo-making design site, sets you up to make the perfect Pins. At 735 x 1102 px, you can create a custom Pin with ease selecting from a variety of different layouts and graphic options.  Most graphics are free, others are a dollar a piece.

  5. Add your logo to your images. When you create images for your Pinterest strategy, it's not a bad idea to include your company logo on your pins so that if they do go viral, they will always have your company associated with it.

  6. Add your own images.  Most of us use smart phones that fuel our personal Instagram, Facebook, etc. presence.  We are not shy about taking photos these days.  Go through your image library.  Is there any way you can create boards to categorize some of your photos in relevance to your business? For example, maybe you have photos on your phone of coworkers from goofing off in the office or from office outings.  These are great images that you already have and can help your brand message. Furthermore personal photos always resonate well with people.

  7. Make sure each photo links to your website.  Whether you are using photos you created, photos that link to your blog post or photos from your own image library, make sure that any images that are your own link back to your content, your website, etc. If you aren't pulling directly from a website with a "Pin It" button, you are going to upload your pin and then click the edit button.  Only when you go to edit your photo can you then add a URL.

  8. For displaying photos of your products, get creative. Don't just take boring photos of your products. Show them off in unique situations or being used for things other than what they are meant to be used for. Remember people respond to photos that strike an emotional cord, especially humor.  Not sure what I'm getting at? Check out Sharpie on Pinterest, specifically their "Products" board.

  9. Create informative captions. With a  500 character limit on Pinterest you have some space to explain your Pin.  That being said, don't use all 500 characters.  Pinterest is a visual communication platform, no one wants to read a lengthy description. This is a great place for naturally including keywords you want your company to be associated with.

  10. Spark further engagement in your captions.  Try ending each description of your pin with something that encourages others to share, repin, like or comment on your pin.

  11. Include hashtags in your captions. Include hashtags in your caption for hot topics on Pinterest, i.e. #design, #DIY, #wedding, etc.

  12. Include relevant URLs to your website in your caption. Be careful with this option. I don't suggest going overboard and including your URL in every caption. However, if the Pin is very closely tied to something on your website or a recent blog post and will most likely follow a lot of engagement, it's not a bad idea to include a specific call to action to visit that specific URL.

While these are all steps you should be taking to create the perfect Pins for Pinterest, ironically, I would also encourage you to go off the track.  Color outside the lines if you will. Create captivating images that express your company and in some way or another they WILL be perfect! ;)

Share some links to your favorite Pinterest boards and why below!

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