How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page


As a small business owner, setting out to implement an effective social media strategy can be a bit overwhelming.

What platforms? How frequently? What are the objectives? Is this worth it? 

The answer to all of these questions will vary from company to company, however, the answer to that last question is most definitely "yes."

According to Social Media Today, social media generates almost double the marketing leads of trade show, telemarketing, daily mail, or PPC.

Depending on where your target audience hangs out, how much time you have, etc. will determine what social media platforms you set up an engaging marketing strategy on.

That being said, one platform to seriously consider is LinkedIn. Personally I find some of the best content on LinkedIn.  The platform is increasingly becoming a place where users go to search for information as well as research other companies and professionals.

If you are a B2B company I would say you should definitely be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is used by 83% of B2B marketers, the most popular social media site for distributing B2B content.

If you are B2C, ask yourself, 'Will people search for the services or products I sell on LinkedIn?'  Even if that answer is 'maybe,' I would build out a LinkedIn profile, 43% of all marketers have found a customer via LinkedIn in 2013.

Building out an awesome, noteworthy LinkedIn profile may take you a few hours, some creativity and attention to detail, but, once your LinkedIn company profile is optimized, in many ways it will work for you even when you're not working for it.

Follow these tips to optimize your LinkedIn company page:

Getting started...

My first piece of advice before getting on any social media platform is always to take a look around.  Take a look at other company pages.  What are others doing? What seems to be working?

Setting up your company overview...

  • Complete your company overview.  Choose which language you want your company profile optimized for and then list your company name how you want it to appear.  This is not a place to get clever.  However your company is listed in all other places on the Internet is how it should show up here. Furthermore, think of how your employees will list your company. We had a problem with this at the agency a ways back when we were determining whether to be the Palmer Advertising Agency or the Palmer Ad Agency.  See where that can get confusing?
  • Next, add a company description.  Give a brief overview of your company.  Simplicity is key. Keep it simple, clear and accurate.  I like to add the company website url and/or a call to action at the end of the description as well.
  • You will then need to fill out some basic information i.e. company type, size, URL, industry, status, year founded, etc.  So make sure you have that information on hand.

Congratulations, your company overview is done! Now on to the products/services page...

  • Services recently allowed you options to customize your service page depending on who's viewing that page.  I would highly recommend taking the time to do this if you have different services and/or products that would appeal to different audiences.
  • For each customized product or service page you set up, you can (and should!) write an introduction. Keep this, again, simple and to-the-point. You can also add images and a YouTube video at this juncture.  If you already have these created, why not add 'em in?!
  • After you write an introduction for this list of products or services, list each product or service, again with a clear and concise description.  Don't forget to add links to where those products or services are listed on your website.  You can also add any special promotions or offers you have for each.

Next steps...

  • Encourage your employees to follow your page and make sure it is listed and linked as their current place of employment. Beyond your employees, invite your current network to follow your page.  This is an easy way to get your followers up there.
  • Encourage your current clients to write recommendations.  Recommendations = positive endorsements = winning.

And finally, the bonus round...

  • On the back end, install a follow on LinkedIn icon to your website. Furthermore, adding a LinkedIn link to your professional email signature (along with links to your other social media platforms) is another way to get people to your company LinkedIn page.
  • Use best practices. If you are going to post, even if it's just once in a while, do it right. Share content with a provoking thought or question as to why it's relevant, educational and/or entertaining. What do you post?  Well finding content can be tough, but industry news is always an easy go-to for sharing.  Chances are you're reading industry news at least once a week. Posting a quick industry news update on LinkedIn will literally take you 2.5 minutes more time to do than what you're already doing.

These are the VERY basics.  If you are going to use LinkedIn as one of your main social media platforms to leverage your company, you are going to need to do a little more than just optimize your LinkedIn company page and post an update every once in a while.

How do you decide to use LinkedIn as one of you main social media platforms? Check your LinkedIn insights tab on your company page and analyze how your page is doing.  When you did share a post, how did it do?

If you're getting high levels of engagement and impressions, I would consider analyzing your current social media marketing strategy and perhaps increasing LinkedIn engagement.

Do you really listen on social media?

Do you really listen on social media?

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Proof: Content Creation Does Great Things