Obama's speech breaks Twitter record

According to the International Business Times, President Obama's acceptance speech wrapping up the DNC in Charolette, NC last night, broke the political twitter record. The speech elicited 52,757 tweets per minute. Furthermore, according to the IBT, "The number of tweets relating to Obama's speech also helped the overall tweets for the Democratic National Convention surpass the 9.5 million mark, dwarfing those (4 million) seen during the Republican National Convention last week."

Twitter also featured a blog post discussing the statistics surrounding tweets highlighting the speech including the most tweeted about topics.

"The moments in his speech that elicited the biggest Twitter reactions were:

-43,646: 'I'm no longer just the candidate, I'm the President' -39,002: 'I will never turn medicare into a voucher' -38,597: Discussing Medicare -37,694: 'We don’t think government can solve all our problems…' -34,572: Quips about the Olympics and “Cold War mind warp'"

Facebook is cleanin' up!