11 Marketing Mistakes that Haunt Me

11 Marketing Mistakes that Haunt Me

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Happy Halloween! In honor of this spooky day, I thought I would share some of my marketing pet peeves- the marketing mistakes that haunt me!

Beware, some of these are sure to make you cringe:

Hidden tweets. When you start a tweet with an @user name and don't put a period before it or incorporate the user name later in the tweet, that tweet is only visible to people who follow both you and the person you are mentioning. Otherwise it will just be a reply to that username. Make sure you aren't making this all too common mistake.

Cold emailing.  Everyone knows that cold calling is pretty much a dead tactic. But cold emailing still happens- all the time! It's happened a lot more since starting my new job.  People emailing me like they know me and even going as far as to wanting to grab coffee. When I ask why, it's to sell me something or bring on so and so as a recruiter. The answer to these people is almost always going to be, no!

Posting purely sales messages on social media. Some people still don't get that social media is not another medium for people to pitch their products or services on. It's about being social, aka having conversations, which involves listening.

Posting the same thing on every social media channel. This, thankfully, is a trend that has started to die down. Don't have your blog post be set to automatically post on your social channels. Every social channel is different and you need to phrase your content accordingly.  For some clever ways to optimize social sharing content on multiple platforms, use these clever IFTTT recipes.

 Trying to be on every social media platform. You probably don't have the time to be on all of the social networks out there. Furthermore, having a presence on every social media platform is probably not going to be beneficial to your business. Pick the social channels that are going to be beneficial for your business and go from there.

Paying for bad SEO. There are so many SEO consultants out there who are promising small businesses page 1 of Google. Don't believe them! This isn't true. Most likely, these consultants are pulling some tricks that may end up harming you later on down the road.

Not analyzing your campaigns. Part of why I love marketing is because I get to be creative. The other part is because I get to analyze data and numbers that either proves my creative idea worked or didn't work. It's important to constantly be analyzing your campaigns and taking note of what's working and what needs improvement.

Paying AdWords and neglecting to blog. Speaking of search rankings, it drives me bonkers when people refuse to blog but will pay for an AdWords campaign. Because AdWords delivers results before blogging does, many people will make the mistake of investing in AdWords and never getting to work on their blog. In this day and age you have to produce good content to be on page 1 organically. And remember, organic rankings still get the majority of clicks vs. ads.

Not responding to people on social media. If people are using those channels you chose to have a social media presence on to contact you about your product or service or just to say 'what's up,' make sure you are responding in a timely fashion inline with your brand personality. Don't let this go!

Misusing hashtags. I'm a fan of the hashtag. I use them frequently on several social channels. I can't stand people who still overuse the hashtag. It's one thing if it's your personal account and you want to get as many Instagram likes as possible so you follow up with 20 hashtags, but do NOT do that on your brand account. It looks like you don't know what you're doing.

Failing to create a comprehensive strategy. Creating a strategy for all of your marketing tactics is important. You should know the who, what, where, when, how for each marketing tactic you decide to implement to help promote your product or service. Additionally you should have an overarching marketing strategy that incorporates all of these marketing tactics and lays a good blueprint for your overall marketing.

What are some of the marketing mistakes that give you nightmares? Post 'em in the comments below.

Wishing everyone a happy, fun and safe Halloween!!!

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