Local Listings: A Critical Concern for Businesses

Local Listings: A Critical Concern for Businesses

When people use search engines, the use of the terms ‘near me’ and ‘near you’ are growing ridiculously common. Is your business showing up for those searches? If so, how is your local listing appearing to potential customers?

If you’re a business owner, it is essential to realize how much your local business listing can affect your bottom-line. After all, how will you ever survive in today’s fast-paced, competitive landscape if you don’t have customers who can find your business or get in touch with you?

The importance of local listings is not supernatural. Over 75% of people searching by location end up visiting the place they find within a day. Not to mention, 28% of location searches result in a purchase. It makes sense that showing up in search results is becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to survive.

What do I mean by local listing?

When people do searches specifically for your business or businesses like yours, you’ll often notice that your business name, website and location appear. Try it right now. Search for the name of your business. I just searched for my favorite steakhouse in Charleston, “Oak Steakhouse” and this is what appeared:

local listing

You’ll see there’s reviews, contact information, a website, a phone number, etc.

The next thing I want you to try is searching for what ever business industry you’re in, i.e. “coffee shop,” “restaurant,” “florist,” “dog grooming,” “assisted living facility,” “marketing consultant.” Here’s what appeared when I searched for “Steakhouse”:

local business listing

This is what we’re talking about when we talk about how your local business listing appears when people do online searches.

First of all, does your business show up? Second of all, does it show up with the correct information?

Take control of your business

By having up-to-date information regarding your business available to the largest audience possible, you can avoid missing out on sales from missing or wrongly published information about your business.

“Google is all that matters, right?” Wrong.

High confidence is developed across multiple platforms. Therefore, finding a way to build customer confidence relies on showing up in as many places as possible when someone is nearby your business and in search of your particular service or good. More and more it is becoming essential to verify information about your business above and beyond the information offered by Google. So, consistency is critical.

Want to see how your business is showing up on over 50 platforms?! You’re in luck, I have a tool for that! CLICK HERE or on the image below.

What was your inaccuracy percentage? Maybe a little higher than you thought?

Good news! We can fix that. I can help you update and/or add your business information to all of those 50 plus business listings.

Those listings a foundational element to your marketing campaign which definitely carries more weight than traditional marketing practices. So, if you think your money is best spent making flyers or making sure your website is perfect, think again.


Obviously, websites are incredibly crucial to your online image. Your site is an excellent way for your customers to find out more about who you are and what you do. However, if people cannot find your website, what good is having one?

As may of us know this is where SEO comes into play. Most of you are aware that you need a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy to help Internet users find your website.

A big part of SEO is having high ranking domains link back to your website.

What’s a high ranking domain?

A high ranking domain is a website that Google recognizes as helpful to website visitors. These are websites that many web users visit and many other websites link to these websites. Basically the “cool” and “popular” websites. Another way you may hear this referenced is having a “high domain authority.”

In addition to having your website listed accurately on local listing services so that people can find you, it also helps your overall SEO, because all of those local listing websites have a lot of businesses listed on them and a lot of web users visiting them, therefore they all have high domain authority.

I didn’t write this blog post to scare you! Like I said I can help. If you’re interested in getting your local listings updated and added to listing services, shoot me a message!

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