Want to Increase Your Email CTR? You Need to do This.

Want to Increase Your Email CTR? You Need to do This.

increase your email CTR

Most of us are implementing some sort of email marketing campaign for our small business. 

Did you know that 182.9 billion emails are sent/received a day?!

Which makes it not surprising that the average click through rate (CTR) for businesses, according to Mail Chimp, is anywhere from 1.58% to 6.65% depending on industry. Realistically, most are in the 2-3% range.  That’s not a very large number, but with so many emails to sift through, can you blame people?

Many of us have seen lower CTRs than those averages cited above, so, how do you increase your email CTR???

When I first started my role as an inbound marketer at an ad agency, I thought it would be great to send out a newsletter to our database.

We produced great, informative content on our blog. Why wouldn’t everyone on our mailing list want to receive generic emails full of that content?!

While some of our prospects did enjoy our general, generic emails, most didn’t instantly see how the content was directly related to their immediate wants, needs and/or challenges and did not even open the email let alone click through to our blog content.

Depressed by a CTR below 1%, I did some research. How could I increase our open and click through rates?!

Then I thought about our buyer personas and our target industries.  Specifically we were targeting the solar, automotive and financial industries as well as those small, local businesses who had heard of us but weren’t sure what set us apart from other local agencies.

Each one of those four personas had very different challenges that they wanted resolved as soon as possible.  Therefore the language and the content of those emails had to change for each of those target audiences.

Once we changed the email content for each of those audiences, not surprisingly we saw our open and click through rates increase

The lesson to be learned here is that segmenting your email marketing lists can go a long way. 

Key tips for segmenting your contacts to increase your email CTR:

  • Consider your email marketing strategy as a whole. With your contacts in mind, consider what types of content you would share with your network in an email. Blog posts? Special deals? Upcoming secret sales? Clearance sales? Don’t be afraid to get creative! Now think of who specifically in your lists of contacts you want to send that content to. Customers? Prospects? Loyal customers who have been with you for 5 years?

  • With the above information at the forefront of your mind, create lists for each type of these groups of people and groups for the content you'd like to send them.  Make sure you clearly label and define each list so that confusion doesn't arise later down the road.

  • Once your current database is segmented and organized, make sure you have systems in place to continue to either automatically or manually be adding and categorizing any new contacts you may acquire.

  • Create a calendar of emails to stay organized.  Now that you’ve broken up the different emails you want to send and who you want to send them to, make sure you get on a rotating schedule and that you are evenly spacing out what emails you send to who.

  • Think ahead. You may not know what type of eblast you want to send to prospects or customers several months from now. Getting organized with your CRM system and categorizing your database of contacts with a variety of demographics, behavioral traits and interests for your contacts could come in handy later on down the road.

  • Evaluate your data. Maybe you’ve segmented your lists but still haven’t seen an increase in your email CTR. Try rethinking your strategy. Can you break down those lists even further creating more personalized, specific and unique content?

Even with minimal click through rates there’s no doubt in my mind email marketing can be a beneficial tool for your small business. As I said before, don’t be afraid to get creative.  Ultimately you want your content to stand out.  Make it personal and fun!

What are some of the challenges you are having when it comes to attempting to increase your email CTR?

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