Google Reader Alternatives

Was any one else as upset to see Google Reader go as I was? Probably not. But in case you are like myself and have been seeking Google Reader alternatives, this blog post is for you.

As a social media manager who can't possibly consume all that is written about social media in a day, I relied on Google Reader to follow the best blogs I thought produced the most consistent and enriching content about social media and the like. What I loved about Google Reader was that it was simple, organized and made consuming content I cared about efficient.

Google Reader alternatives
Google Reader alternatives

Google Reader was one of my main tools for finding content to comment on and share on social media. So when I first saw that little message, "Google Reader will no longer be available after July 1," my heart broke a little. Okay, that's a bit dramatic, but I was disappointed to lose this awesome tool and annoyed that I had to find Google Reader alternatives.

After doing some research and reading a plethora of reviews, here's a list of the best alternatives I have found:

Feedly- As stated on the Feedly website by David Pogue of the New York Times, "Feedly is a lovely, easy-to-use service for two categories of people: those who once used Google Reader, and those who've never heard of it. Because if you're still starting your morning with a zigzag through a standard set of Web sites, you're wasting time and energy. Feedly is what you needly." I'm not sure how I feel about that last line, but anyway, Feedly is now my main alternative to Google Reader. It's a simple, easy to navigate interface and it lets you break up your blogs into different categories.  A plus when constantly reading different blogs for different types of clients. For me the simplicity and ability to organize is exactly what I want in a reader and Feedly provides that.

Digg ReaderI have heard mixed reviews about Digg Reader.  Many are fond of the simple interface and the ability to thumbs up or down articles and save articles they like. At the same time some have sited the reader platform needs some more development. From what I've heard the mobile app is lacking some features and needs some more work, but when using the reader on your laptop or desktop I would say it's a go. 

Digg also has a "top stories" and "popular" stream making the platform great for when you just want to browse what's happening on the web.

google reader alternatives
google reader alternatives

HootSuite Syndicator-The latest development on the reader front seems to be HootSuite Syndicator.  HootSuite has added an extension to the social media management platform that allows you to easily stream an RSS feed. It also makes it so you can share any of that content on the social media platforms you manage. WIN.

Check out this video explaining the benefits of HootSuite Syndicator:

There are tons of readers that were released with the death of Google Reader. Over the past two weeks I have seen numerous reviews on different readers.  These are the three that seem to be getting the most buzz.  Personally, I'll be working with both Feedly and HootSuite syndicator as my Google Reader alternatives.

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