6 Tools for Finding Social Media Content

When implementing a social marketing strategy, one of the hardest tasks is continuously finding social media content to share that is relevant to your audience.

Finding social media content that is 1. inline with your brand identity and 2. is of value is E S S E N T I A L.  

Before setting any social media strategy into motion, I think it's incredibly important to have an in depth understanding of your brand. You need to have a solid understanding of the lifestyle that surrounds your brand.  When setting up social media accounts, I like to remind people that social media is not like other marketing channels.  You're creating an environment that offers an atmosphere of "cool" to your target audience.

When I say "cool" I mean an atmosphere that offers value in the form of entertainment or information not an atmosphere that's blatantly selling something.

As a good rule of thumb, for every piece of content posted, it's always good to first ask yourself, "How does this add value, help or entertain my audience?"

Once you know the types of content you will be posting, how do you go about finding that content!?

These 6 tools will help in finding social media content to post:

Google+-Google+ was updated earlier this year and was enhanced with content in mind. It makes consuming content very easy to do.  The use of hashtags (see below), multiple viewing streams of content and communities dedicated to niche topics makes it easy to find specific types of content on Google+. Furthermore the new platform is user friendly and easy to navigate.

finding social media content
finding social media content

Twitter- The news of the future.  By following brands similar to your own or inline with your brand views, you will be at no shortage of engaging content on twitter.  It's a good idea to search for people who may be associated with keywords that are similar to your brand and follow them. Following publications and reporters who write content that would be considered informative or entertaining is always a great way to find expert sources as well.

Google Alerts-Google alerts are email alerts of topics that you choose to be alerted about.  The latest relevant Google search results based on your queries will be emailed directly to your inbox.

Google Alerts
Google Alerts

HootSuite Streams- With 340 million tweets sent daily, Twitter often provides TOO much content to sift through.  That's where Hootsuite comes in handy. Hootsuite, the social media scheduling tool, allows you to set up a stream of relevant tweets. You can enter up to three keywords per stream.  I like to create several different streams with three similar keywords per stream.  This way when I'm looking for a specific type of content to share, I can go to the specific stream.

Blogs- Reading industry blogs inline with your brand will provide content that will be of value to your target audience.  Often there will be several niche blogs that will provide a variety of value to your audience.  In order to mix it up and share this variety of content, I suggest using a reader to follow a multitude of different blogs.

Pinterest- Pinterest can be a great place for finding content both in the form of blog posts and in photos. Pinterest can be especially  helpful for finding photos or fun memes for your Facebook strategy. And we all know how important engaging photos are for your Facebook strategy!!!

I find that every social media marketer has their own ways of finding social media content to share, these are just some of my favorite tools.  I'm big on efficiency and time management, so the ability to consume a plethora of content in an organized and timely fashion is important to me.

What are some of your favorite tools for finding content?

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