Facebook prompts Halloween sharing!

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 2.46.39 PM
Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 2.46.39 PM

What the?  Did I see that right...

That's right! Instead of the normal "What's on your mind?" prompt, today Facebook is encouraging people to talk about Halloween. Check out these other prompts I found when refreshing the page...

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 2.48.45 PM
Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 2.48.45 PM
Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 2.48.53 PM
Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 2.48.53 PM

Has it been like this all day? Have they changed their prompts before? Maybe.  But this is the first I've noticed a change!  Is the prompt change just for today or is Facebook adapting the Google technique and spicing up their approach?

Either way, I like it.

This may seem like a silly thing to write about, but, the timing is dead on (pun intended) with the holiday and it is in line with something I've been talking about in my interviews recently.

What is the future of social?

I think we are starting to see a shift in social, specifically on how we measure ROI.  Marketers and business people in general are really big on being able to measure ROI in terms of numbers.  It makes sense.  But maybe how we are measuring ROI shouldn't be by the number of followers or likes, etc. but RATHER on how engaged our users are. How many comments? How many relevant comments? How are these comments helpful? Etc.

(Today's Mashable article, "4 Metrics to Measure Social Media's ROI," was spot on.)

What is the future of Facebook?

Personally, I'd like to see businesses on Facebook get away from the number crunching. Which is why I'm actually very eager to work with B2B clients on social; BECAUSE their audience is smaller.

B2B clients may have smaller amounts of followers, but usually all those followers are 100% interested in what that client is talking about. Be it financial consulting services or a law firm that takes on a specific type of case. Their social pages can be thought leaders on a topic. While they may not have thousands of followers, they will have hundreds who will look to them as the experts on that topic. Which, in the end, will promote their image and eventually business.

There is still room to be fun and creative, but keep it relevant, engaging and IN LINE with your topic.  All the rules still apply, just don't get caught up in trying to get more likes.

Something I personally always come back to when going into these interviews is not how to say a little about everything, but how to talk a lot about a few things that I'm really good at. Staying true to yourself and what you know is always the best motto.

The same thing goes for brands on social.

Anyway, back to Facebook's holiday spirit....

What's ironic is that earlier, I posted a photo of my sister and I on Halloween in 1989. Did I do this because I had seen and processed the prompts subconsciously? Perhaps. However, I'm inclined it gets at the core value of Facebook and what I'm talking about here.

I posted the photo to share.

To be.


Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 2.50.13 PM
Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 2.50.13 PM

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope everyone has a happy, safe and scary night!

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