Facebook management tip: schedule posts.

As part of the "golden post rules" of Facebook, I recommend that companies try to post a Facebook post about once a day. Now for small businesses, I know this can seem daunting. Scheduling posts has been a very necessary tool for me to use as a manager of clients' Facebook accounts.  Typically, my clients hire me for X amount of hours a week.  Now, that means that there are days and times when I'm not going to be working on that client's Facebook page, but maybe, those days and times are when I should be ideally posting.

Enter the scheduled post.

scheduled post
scheduled post

To schedule a post, write out a post like you would typically, including any videos, photos, etc.  Then click on the clock in the bottom left hand corner (shown above) and select the date and time you wish your post to be displayed.  It's that easy!

I don't recommend relying entirely on this for your Facebook management strategy as it often leads to lack of interaction and staying relevant. I do recommend integrating it into your strategy and using it to pre-schedule your editorial calendar posts.

You can go to your Activity Log to change the days and times of these posts at any point.  The Activity Log option is located at the top right of your page when you are logged in as an admin under the Edit Page option.

activity log
activity log

Let's say you have scheduled posts, but a relevant news story comes up that you want to post about instead of your scheduled post.  You can either have two posts that same day, or if you want to keep at a once a day post to stay consistent and stretch content, you can post your relevant news story that day and reschedule the other post.

This option is found once in your Activity Log.  There will be a list of your scheduled posts.  On the right hand of each scheduled post there's a drop down menu where you can change the time or cancel scheduled posts.

edit scheduled
edit scheduled

The reason this option is so handy for businesses like my clients, is that you can create a diverse, relevant and interactive Facebook page by taking say an hour or so every Monday to research and schedule your posts for the week. Every Monday sit down take a few hours to do the research, find the videos, the articles, the pages you want to highlight, gather the photos of your products you want to promote and execute your editorial calendar.


Day 1- Post a quote about how terrible Mondays are.

Day 2- Do a product promotion.

Day 3- Post a funny video.

day 4- Ask for a testimonial, "Tell us what you think of our product, x."

day 5- Share an article relevant to your brand.

day 6- Share another brand's post.

day 7- Do another product promotion.

In this editorial calendar you can see how I've integrated product promotion with other interesting post ideas.  (For more fun ways to spice up your Facebook posts, read my "10 MUST try techniques" piece.)

Viola! You've executed your strategy for the week in an hour or two!  Now, it's important to check in every few days to respond to any feedback you've gotten and to integrate any other relevant content that comes up, but that takes what? Ten minutes at the end of each day?

You can be executing your Facebook strategy in as little as 2 hours a week and still look like you're on top of your social media game.

Give it a go!

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