All in Twitter

Twitter has a bad a** analytics platform. And it's not just for advertisers! The UI is amazing and the data is invaluable. When starting any new marketing endeavor, I always start with a deep dive of available analytics.  As a marketer you're going to have to start to love numbers if you don't already. If you're looking for simple ways to improve your Twitter presence the analytics platform is a great starting point.

The Lifespan of Social Media Posts

A key component to a comprehensive social media strategy is going to be consistency.  Whichever social media platforms you choose, you are going to need to be posting consistently.  So just how consistent do you need to be on those social media platforms? Well, that question is best answered if we break down the overall lifespan of social media posts on different platforms.

Why do people use social media?

The other day my Grandfather asked me if I would consider doing a blog post about using social media for social reasons. It got me thinking. Why DO people use social media?! 

While most of us understand that being on social media for our small business is a worthwhile marketing endeavor we don't always necessarily consider why our audience is on social media in the first place, which is ironic because that may be the most important thing to consider.

Social media comes down to a simple basic human desire: the need to connect with other humans, to be part of a group.

How to Set Up a Twitter Promoted Account Campaign

For many of the clients that I have helped get started on Twitter, a common question is always, how do we get more followers?

I always take the opportunity to first explain that the number of followers you have is irrelevant if those followers are not qualified followers that connect with your brand.

Growing your Twitter followers organically takes time for building connections.

How to Post Blog Content on Social Media

A social media strategy is only as good as the content it pushes out.  When we are talking about creating an effective inbound marketing strategy, two essential components of that strategy will be a blog that regularly publishes quality content and well crafted social media posts that effectively push out that content.

However, automatically scheduling your blog posts to be published on different social platforms, all with the same simple title of your blog post and a long link, is not what I mean.