Get Your Marketing Plan for 2019 Prepared

Get Your Marketing Plan for 2019 Prepared

If you haven’t thought about your marketing plan for 2019, you should probably start.

After all, you don’t want to be one of the countless companies who are “betting-it-all” on the fourth-quarter. Do you? And, although strategizing for the new year can seem overwhelming— DON’T PANIC!

OK. It’s true. If you haven’t started your marketing plan for 2019, you’re behind the curve. However, there’s still time to do what’s best for your company and see a profitable next year.

So, what better time than now!?

Here are some steps to take towards a killer marketing plan for 2019:

Size up your company’s performance in 2018.

What was your marketing strategy in 2018? Did you accomplish your goals? Or, did you fall short? How did your business perform in areas like lead generation and sales? And, most importantly, why?

So, put a pot of coffee on and hunker down. Assessing your past year’s marketing performance properly is critical to your overall success. So, you’ll want to invest a significant amount of time answering questions like the ones above. Additionally, you’re going to want to take a snapshot of your marketing activities and see what worked and what didn’t.

Get organized!

Chances are if you don’t use a CRM, organizing your business calendar, contacts, and endless spreadsheets of company marketing data can seem like a daunting task. That’s why it’s vital you use a CRM in the upcoming year. Not only will your CRM help to manage your customer relationships more efficiently, but it will also help your business grow.

Alongside a proper CRM, take some time before the holidays to tidy up your online image. When is the last time you updated your commercial website? Are your social media accounts aligned? Or, does your Facebook still show your company’s former address? Whatever the case may be, it’s likely you’ll need to bring some of your marketing elements up-to-date. So, if you have some free time around the office this holiday season, giving some attention to your company’s social media channels or digital branding would be a smart move.

Finally, I suggest creating a Q1 editorial calendar for your blog as well as your email marketing strategy. Don’t just wing-it when trying to build your brand awareness or increase sales. For starters, have a working list prepared for your blog topics. Also, make sure your email campaigns align with your other marketing benchmarks throughout the year.

Define your marketing goals.

Similar to any undertaking, you need to set clear-cut goals which are also possible to achieve. So many businesses set forth unattainable goals, and fall short in meeting them. What’s worse, these same companies are surprised when they don’t capture 90% of the market their first year out. Bearing this in mind, your marketing plan for 2019 should involve setting goals that can be accomplished.

Maybe you want 2019 to be a year of growth for your company. In which case, shooting for a set number of followers on your social media outlets might be a reasonable goal. Alternatively, maybe you want to revamp your company’s website. In this instance, planning to implement new elements to your site, like Chat Pop-Ups, or increasing your site’s conversion rate by a certain percentage would be sensible.

Set your budget

Ultimately, establishing your budget for next year depends on what your goals are for 2019. Nevertheless, this is not something to be taken lightly. Check it out: In a 2017-18 spending survey, Gartner’s reports the average marketing budget for a given company sits around 11-12% of total revenue in a 2-year period. Of course, I, for one, don’t need one of the country’s leading research and advising companies to tell me about the importance of marketing.

Neither should you!

You know marketing is imperative to the success of your business.

But, are you unsure how to prioritize your spending concerning marketing? Do you want to focus on paid advertisements, such as PPCs? Do you plan on new hires or marketing training? Are you implementing any costly analytics software or a CRM? How about getting into mobile advertising with SMS marketing? These are all questions to consider when developing your marketing plan for 2019.

Make a Plan

Now that I’ve touched upon some of the marketing activities for you to consider, it’s time to make a plan. This step is the easy part, so I’ll let you figure it out. OK.

I’m just joking.

But, all kidding aside, developing an effective marketing strategy can be an involved process. Not only will you need to think about everything I talked about above, but you also need to consider your company’s realistic capabilities. In most larger corporations there are entire departments dedicated to marketing. So, it’s understandable if having a full-time employee assigned to marketing is unfeasible. Sometimes reaching out to someone beyond your company is your best bet.

At any rate...

Make sure you consider all of your options when developing a marketing plan for 2019. Preparing your marketing campaign ahead of time can drastically affect your level of success in your next year of business.

Shoot me a message if you’d like to talk about your options.

I’m always here to answer your questions and to help you iron out the details of your marketing strategy.

ALSO- I’m hosting a webinar on Thursday, December 13th where I will walk you through setting up a marketing plan in just 50 minutes!

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