Case Study

Learn how I helped a Civic Engagement SaaS Startup have their most profitable year.

Over the course of several months, I developed their overall marketing strategy, trained the marketing team, and oversaw implementation.


Happy Clients

Lynn Christiansen.jpg

“Melissa is thorough, responsive, energetic and organized, with a bent for analytics and a talent for marcom. She has been instrumental in strategizing, building out, and executing our lead nurture and website conversion programs.

Melissa treats our business like it’s her own, and always finds a way to add value. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I can honestly say that Melissa is one of the most talented marketers I’ve worked with, and I am a better marketer myself for having done so.”

— Lynn Christiansen Esquer | Marketing Manager

“Melissa is creative and scrappy with her approach to inbound marketing. I would recommend hiring Melissa if you are looking for a scalable marketing program that fits your needs and budget while simultaneously delivering results.”

— Joao Reis | SaaS CEO, Co-Founder

David Castrucci.jpg

“If you want someone who is honest, has integrity, willing to work hard and efficiently, you should work with Melissa. She asks all the right questions about the business and what its challenges may be so she can suggest and add value.”

— David Castrucci | Winery Owner

Emily Winslow.jpg

“Melissa is an extremely passionate and driven leader. She truly cares about the success of the company as well as each individual member of the team. Melissa's past expertise have shaped her into a highly effective and proven leader.”

— Emily Winslow | SaaS Senior Manager of Demand Generation

“Though much of her work was done across the country from our actual business, she was more than easy to contact and was always aware of what new things were happening in our own business.”

— Alex MacMillan | Showroom Coordinator

“I think what makes Melissa an even better professional is her willingness to teach. When we worked together, Melissa not only helped the company but also helped me learn and develop my own marketing skills.”

— Nina Foo | SaaS Inbound Marketing Specialist

Justin O'Reilly.jpg

“Melissa has been invaluable in helping with our social media outreach. Her creative and witty ideas were exactly what we needed for our new business.”

— Justin O’Reilly | Furniture Design Business Owner

Ashley Gullickson.jpg

“This woman is direct, resourceful, and a huge team player. Melissa always has her eye on the prize and never gives up in achieving her goals. Super ambitious, super supportive.”

— Ashley Gullickson | Ad Agency Account Supervisor

“Melissa is one of the most dedicated and hardworking individuals I have ever met. Her passion for inbound marketing is contagious and inspiring - it is obvious that she loves what she does! She always goes above and beyond in her work.”

— Lauren Colson | Senior Product Designer

Greg Bowhay.jpg

“Melissa is an incredibly driven, detail-oriented Inbound Marketing Consultant who can produce results. She has also been a fantastic mentor for the marketing new hires she has brought onto our team.”

— Greg Bowhay | SaaS VP of Sales

Ken Murphy.jpg

“Melissa is proactive and imaginative, always looking to take the next step and move ahead of the curve. We firmly believe Melissa is a key asset to any company or group she joins to help grow and promote.”

— Kenneth Murphy | Graphic Design Studio Owner

“I started my career working under Melissa as an intern, working on inbound marketing and dissecting social media analytical data. She has been a great mentor for me throughout my marketing career and is a big reason why I have succeeded.”

— Richard Jaron Zarate | Senior Account Manager

“In addition to her expertise in shaping and managing compelling inbound and outbound marketing programs, Melissa has proven to be a great coach and mentor adept and transferring knowledge to our inhouse marketing team. Her infectious enthusiasm and relentless pursuit of results was fundamental in achieving effective engagement of our customers and increase the productivity of our marketing activities.”

— Liam Speden | CTO, Government Consulting Firm

Partial List of Clients I’ve Had the Pleasure of Working Alongside: