You've most likely heard the phrase "content lead generation" in reference to some sort of overall inbound marketing program. But what does that actually mean?

Simply enough, content lead generation is the practice of generating new potential leads for your product or service by way of offering prospects a valuable piece of content.

Typically what that looks like starts with a landing page or pop up that asks prospects for their email address in exchange for a valuable piece of content.  

Are you making emails that make money? You can be! Email marketing is a very low-hanging-fruit marketing tactic for increasing your bottom line. When done right, it can be the biggest driver in sales for your business or service at the lowest cost. In fact, "For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI."

Motivation? Check. That being said, ROI-delivering emails don't make themselves. They take time. I often see most people whip up a quick newsletter, send it out once a month and then complain about low click through rates and high unsubscribe rates. Well, that's because, you're not doing it right. 

Most of us are beyond the days of trying to determine whether we need social media and are instead working on how to best implement a social media strategy that's effective in time that we don't have. We all know we need it, we know we can't just "wing it," but we all still struggle with finding the time to do it.

Today I'm going to share with you how to implement a social media strategy in 2 hours a week. Just. 2. Hours.

When it comes to marketing, there are typically two places I suggest people start. Before you implement ANY marketing tactics, you should first review these brand guideline questions to ask yourself and second, create buyer personas. 

In this blog post I'm going to share my general list of brand guideline questions to ask yourself. Once you have these in place you can then go on to create your buyer personas, aka a description of your ideal target market.

Investing in producing quality content can take a large amount of time or money, or both, seeing as time is money. That being said, it's something you need do, not for SEO purposes (although that's a no-brainer) but for your target audience. You want them to buy from you, right? They're going to need to trust you. You need to show them there's quality behind your brand and what you offer.

But what's the point in investing in quality content when your website's SEO isn't phenomenal and only a few people will see your content, right? Wrong! It's time to make that piece of content go the distance for you. 

Whenever you start any kind of marketing tactic you should have a buyer persona in mind. Who is this for? Why would they want it? How is it bringing value to their every day life? If you can't answer these questions with reasonable answers, start again.

That's part 1, the other part that we tend to forget to concentrate on is where this person is at in the "Buyer's Journey." The Buyer's Journey are the thoughts and actions a person makes before they make a decision to purchase your product or service.