What does success mean to you? 

As a woman business owner, you no doubt have revenue goals.

However, as a woman, you also have a lifestyle goals: friends and family, health, travel, charity work, hobbies, and personal development.

I’ve seen too many women postpone that long list of lifestyle goals in order to focus on that one business goal of revenue.

They kill themselves doing it, thinking they’ll get to those lifestyle goals someday.

Guess what? We are what we do.
And if you want to have more time and money to do what you love right now—not in some distant future—then you’ve found the right marketing coach to help you get there.

Allow me to introduce myself...


With almost a decade of digital marketing experience, I’ve developed a profitable digital marketing program for an advertising agency in San Francisco, taught dozens of marketing interns, wrote business plans with startups, helped a civic engagement company have their most profitable year, co-hosted vineyard parties and more. But, most notably, I’ve worked with some fascinating people from Maine to San Francisco.

My name is Melissa.

(Named after my Dad's favorite Allman Brother's Band song.)


To Be Honest, I think a Lot of Marketing is Bullshit

Let me clarify: marketing works, but it shouldn't be so complicated. There are people out there who are interested in what you offer...you've just got to find them. This doesn't have to require a big team or budget. Marketing is actually way more simple than that. 

I'm from New England, obsessed with the ocean, love running, and I'm a big people person. I grew up in a small fishing town in midcoast Maine where the best marketing is still word-of-mouth.  


The Best Marketing Lesson I Ever Learned…

Midcoast Maine holds a near and dear place to my heart. I learned a lot of important lessons working at local restaurants that served the same drinks to the local fishermen that they served to the well-off tourists eating their catch.  Everyone would enjoy the same exact friendly service, but what that looked like varied from customer to customer.

Making a true connection with people depends entirely on building trust. Trust comes from communicating with people how they want to be talked toThat's the secret to marketing.

While I've learned (and continue to learn) a whole lot about the current state of marketing, a trusted connection is still the most powerful marketing tool. People are more likely to buy when they know, like, and trust you. 

My journey into marketing actually started in the restaurant industry. While managing a small restaurant in Portland, Maine, my duties included handling the restaurant’s PR and social media. This small portion of my restaurant job shed light on modern marketing and fascinated me.


Digital marketing allowed me to combine my love for writing and meeting people.

I moved to San Francisco and spent several years working at a boutique advertising agency building out their inbound marketing program which went on to be a large revenue stream for the agency.

However, I didn’t like the agency model. It seemed like we were charging a lot of money for programs that the businesses could actually be implementing themselves.

So I started consulting! And here we are today. I now work with clients all over the country, from San Francisco to Maine! Click the links below to learn more.

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