"Melissa is creative and scrappy with her approach to inbound marketing. I would recommend hiring Melissa if you are looking for a scalable marketing program that fits your needs and budget while simultaneously delivering results."
- Joao Reis, CEO and Co-Founder at InVine

"Melissa is an incredibly driven, detail-oriented Inbound Marketing Consultant who can produce results. She has also been a fantastic mentor for the marketing new hires she has brought onto our team."
-Greg Bowhay, 
VP of Sales Organizer

"I think what makes Melissa an even better professional is her willingness to teach. When we worked together, Melissa not only helped the company but also helped me learn and develop my own marketing skills."
-Nina Foo, Marketing Executive at Organizer

"Melissa is proactive and imaginative, always looking to take the next step and move ahead of the curve. We firmly believe Melissa is a key asset to any company or group she joins to help grow and promote."
-Kenneth T Murphy, Owner of Murphy Empire Graphic Design

"This woman is direct, resourceful, and a huge team player. Melissa always has her eye on the prize and never gives up in achieving her goals. Super ambitious, super supportive."
Ashley Gullickson, Account Manager at Palmer Ad Agency

"Melissa is one of the most dedicated and hardworking individuals I have ever met. Her passion for inbound marketing is contagious and inspiring - it is obvious that she loves what she does! She always goes above and beyond in her work and is highly intuitive about the latest trends in the industry. "
Lauren Colson, Designer at Palmer Ad Agency