Social Media Strategy

If you don’t have a content strategy creating a social strategy might not be the best place to start.

Content Strategy

Whether you’re looking to strategize what types of content you should be creating (videos, slide shares, blog posts, etc.) or just crafting a basic blogging editorial calendar, I can help! I have a background in journalism so my writing and communicating skills are on point. 

SEO Strategy

Typically I like to pair this with a blogging strategy. At the end of the day, good SEO is good content, good content is good SEO. Still you should be familiar with how to best optimize your web pages and blog posts as well as create content surrounding key phrases your target audience is searching for.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is still a HUGE driver in converting leads into ROI. If you don’t already, put an email sign up form on your website RIGHT NOW and hook it up with MailChimp. Even if you don’t plan on sending an email for six months, building this list is going to be important at some point. I can help you with your email marketing strategy from crafting an email marketing strategy and to actually implementing campaigns.

Small Scale Public Relations

I’ll admit- I do NOT have the press contacts a PR agency has. That being said, I’m VERY familiar with doing scrappy PR and I don’t charge anywhere near as much as a full scale PR agency would. Scrappy PR comes down to a lot of research and being creative and to the point when reaching out to your reporters. If you’re looking to get in big name national pubs, go to a full blown agency. But if you’re looking for coverage on blogs and in local publications, I’m your girl!