Why Facebook should bring the “right angle report” (aka responder profiles) back...

When creating an advertisement on Facebook, there is an area where you can select the interests of the market you are trying to target. (see screen shot below) Part of what makes Facebook such an ideal outlet for advertising is that Facebook collects "interests" of users by what a user's activity indicates that they like.

Screen shot 2012-09-05 at 10.56.31 AM
Screen shot 2012-09-05 at 10.56.31 AM

Facebook's reports are very well known and appreciated in the realm of FB advertising.  However, Facebook is constantly changing the way they do things.

There used to be a report that delivered “responder profile” statistics. Unfortunately, this was before my time working with Facebook advertising and I never got to experiment with them.  I have heard of these legendary reports and wonder what led to Facebook eliminating this data offering as it is of high value to advertisers.

These reports delivered the common interests of users that were clicking on a specific advertisement.

These reports were perfect for finding those smaller, unique target audiences that you may have never guessed were interested in your product.

For example, during the Olympics this past summer I saw a Rolex commercial that caught me totally off guard.

Similar to this one:


Clearly Rolex has done their homework and has found a direct correlation between those who sport Rolex watches and equestrian enthusiasts. Hence a targeted commercial to equestrians. While this is a smaller audience the specific target probably lead to more sales for Rolex, which ultimately is the goal, no?

Specifically targeting these unique shared interests, aka right angle marketing, can ultimately lead to a drastic increase in sales.  By being able to target a smaller audience advertisers can create more targeted ad copy that appeals and intrigues this audience.

Now, in Facebook advertising, I know I personally have put a great amount of research into finding out what my targeted audiences' other interests are.

Facebook used to do this homework for you in the responder profile reports. These reports would eliminate the many hours we now spend trying to find those smaller target markets.

Furthermore, this data was invaluable to advertisers if they wanted to take campaigns to other channels other than Facebook. For example, I bet Rolex has advertisements in equestrian magazines.

Facebook, if you're listening, it's me, Melissa, on on behalf of all Facebook advertisers- we want your responder profile reports back!

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