The New Twitter Profile: What You Need to Know & How to Rock It.

I've always been a huge advocate of Twitter as a great social tool for marketing your small business. When it comes to the new profile update, I love it.

For the most part, the new Twitter profile is now just more visual as well as a little more user friendly. Let's take a closer look...

The new Twitter profile

What you need to know:

New header photo. Your new header photo is 1500 x 500 px and no longer has copy over it.

Profile information has moved. That profile copy that used to be over your header photo, your location, your website, and now, when you joined Twitter, is displayed on the left under your twitter profile.

You can now "pin" tweets.  As you can see in the photo above, now when you click on the ellipses of an individual tweet, in addition to embedding or sharing a tweet, you now have the option to pin a tweet to the top of your profile.

Larger profile picture. Your profile photo is going to be 400 x 400 px now.

Twitter stats have moved. Those stats that show following, followers and tweets, are now displayed under your cover photo. Additionally, favorites (as in tweets you have favorited) has been moved to this section making it a more prominent feature.

Enlarged tweets.  The tweets that have that your followers engage with the most via favorites, replys & retweets, will appear larger in your stream of tweets than tweets that have less engagement.

How to rock the new Twitter profile:

Now that you know what's up with the new Twitter profile changes, let's look at how you can utilize these changes to maximize your Twitter marketing strategy.

Use the new photo space. Get creative. Maybe include a call to action? Your mission statement over an awesome picture depicting your products? I've also seen some powerful cover photos with very simple designs. However, those are typically big brands that can make more of a statement because most people already know what they sell.  Try to use the photo space to quickly convey what it is your company does. (See some clever cover photo designs below.)

Pin popular tweets to the top of your profile.  One of my clients recently released a product video commercial.  Currently we have that pinned to the top of their Twitter stream.  This is great real estate for highlighting big company updates. Have a new ebook? Just finished an awesome new blog post that's getting lots of good engagement? All good ideas for pinned tweets!

Create awesome Tweets. I know, you're probably already doing this, but now creating engaging tweets is even more important since your most predominant tweets will appear larger on your profile stream of tweets.  Make tweets that spark engagement!

Focus on real-time engagement. Speaking of engagement, day-to-day engagement is now just a little bit more relevant, specifically, "favoriting" tweets. Since the tweets you have favorited are now one of the more predominant statistics displayed, those interested in your company might be more likely to look at this stream of tweets. This is important for two reasons: one, it helps show the things your company is interested in and, two, favoriting a tweet now means a bit more to those whose tweets you favorite because it becomes more predominantly displayed on your profile and might gain them some more brand awareness.

Some Awesome Profile Examples:


HubSpot sparks a conversation while clearly telling you what their product is. It gets the viewer thinking about how their product can actually work for them. Genius.

The New Twitter Profile
The New Twitter Profile

The Likeability Co.

The Likeability Co. has included an awesome call-to-action clearly depicting where you can tune into their weekly podcast.

The New Twitter Profile
The New Twitter Profile


Pinterest simply displays their product in action. Visual and you quickly get the point.

The New Twitter Profile
The New Twitter Profile

What are some of your favorite new Twitter profile designs? Tweet them to me at: @mfearon4.

Want some more Twitter tips? Download my "Twitter for Your Small Business Guide" below:

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