Latin lesson

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet... It’s Latin.

Do you have Pages on your MacBook Pro? You should. It’s WAY better than Word.

Ever used one of their pregenerated templates and wondered what that funny language they were writing is was?

Oh, you already knew?

That’s right, it’s Lorem ipsum also known as Latin gibberish used as text placehoder for designers and publishers.

According to Wikipedia:

"In publishing and graphic design, Lorem ipsum is placeholder text (filler text) commonly used to demonstrate the graphic elemtns of a document or visual presenation, such as font, typography, and lyaout.  The lorem ipsum text is tyipcally a section of a Latin text by Cierco with words altered, added and removed that make it nonsensical in meaning and not proper Latin."


Cicero, incase you too aren't versed in ancient Roman phiolosphy, is a legendary Roman Philiosopher, and, according to wikipedia, “created a Latin philosophical vocabulary distinguishing himself as a linguist, translator, and philosopher.”

Many thanks to the design gurus at Murphy Empire responsible for the very layout you’re reading this on and for being patient with me in building my website and informing me of this Latin lesson I somehow missed out on until now!

To generate your own lorem ipsum placement text (like the text below) visit this lorem ipsum generator.

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