The Importance of Social Sharing

Most of us know that creating content is an essential part of our overall inbound marketing strategy. A must for good search engine optimization (SEO) practices.  Do you know what else is good for SEO? Social sharing.

First let's take a look at when and why social sharing became an important part of your SEO and inbound marketing strategy.

When Google implemented the Hummingbird update that started rolling out at the end of last summer,  Google made some changes that started analyzing the importance of social sharing.

"Google's looking more and more at social shares as a signal of content quality -- and thus, a reason to elevate a site's content in the SERPs. So for better SEO, you should be incorporating social sharing and social media marketing into your inbound marketing." -HubSpot's Greg Wise

Now that you know social sharing is important, how do you encourage more social sharing?

There are three key things you can do:

  1. Create good content.  If you create content that people enjoy they will share it and a lot of the work will be done for you.  You can include social sharing icons all you want, but if your content isn't share-worthy those icons will not get clicked on.

  2. Share your content. Seems obvious, right? However, most of us could afford to share our own content more than we do. Become a thought leader in your own social networks by providing YOUR engaging content to your followers.

  3. Include social sharing icons on your content. Notice the plugin featured at the top of this page with the social sharing icons? I just had that updated because I realized my social sharing icons weren't as predominant on my page as I wanted them to be. While no one will share your content if it's not engaging, they also won't share it if it's not easy to do.

You can put social sharing icons on other places on your website as well where there is valuable content, i.e. your Q & A page or your resources page.

Most of the social platforms offer up a variety of different social button options.  I have generated a list of all the basic share icon images and the link to each social platform code generator pages below.

These links will also show you other relevant social buttons you may want to incorporate into your content.

social sharing icons
social sharing icons


Facebook, like the other platforms, provides several different options for how you can share or get those visiting your site to engage with your content.

CLICK HERE for more information about sharing on Facebook.

social sharing icons
social sharing icons


Twitter provides some great options for their Tweet button, including the ability to add a via @username and create the tweet you want sent out when someone hits tweet. Want to increase engagement? Create a tweet that provokes a response (a question), your @username and the link to your article.

CLICK HERE for more information about sharing on Twitter.

social sharing icons
social sharing icons


LinkedIn's social button development platform is fairly straightforward and simple.

CLICK HERE for more information about sharing on LinkedIn.

social sharing icons
social sharing icons


Google plus offers three different size options for the above button.  Their development platform is a little more complicated.

CLICK HERE for more information about sharing on Google+.

social sharing icons
social sharing icons


Pinterest offers the most variety for what your social buttons can look like.  They also have options for embedding your pin boards. Very cool for you B2C businesses out there!

CLICK HERE for more information about sharing on Pinterest.

As I've mentioned, social sharing is now an integral part of your social media marketing strategy and will only positively contribute to your overall inbound and SEO strategy.

Now, if you're a bit confused as to how to embed this code in your HTML I have a solution for that.

It's called TaskRabbit.  I'm a huge fan and it's my go to solution for simple website updates that I don't want to spend the time learning how to do!

Need help with your social media marketing? I got you there! ;) Reach out at any point with any questions or concerns.