Online Consumers engage with Pinterest > Facebook. Duh.

Most people have at least heard about Pinterest.  As it is among the most used social media platforms out there bumping elbows with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I HOPE you've at least heard of Pinterest. Pinterest is one of my favorite platforms to create campaigns for.  There are still so many unknowns as what creates best Pinterest practices for most businesses.  While it's been fairly well established why and how to use the platform if you're business is in the industry of what I call the "ideal Pinterest business model" (your target audience is women interested in cooking, fashion, interior design, arts & crafts) there are sill great opportunities for creatively using the platform.

I believe that Pinterest is not going away anytime soon.  I think that businesses are just starting to tap into the creative ways in which they can promote and/or establish their brand's image on the platform. I believe that there is HUGE potential for business growth via the platform.

I was recently turned onto this Bizrate Insights article that confirmed my beliefs: "Online Consumer Pulse. Pinterest vs. Facebook: Which Social Sharing Site Wints at Shopping Engangement?"

According to this study, 43% of Pinterest members say that they use Pinterest to “associate with retailers or brands" that they identify with, compared to 24% of Facebook users who say the same about Facebook. Furthermore  55% of Pinterest users have actively ENGAGED with brands vs 48% of Facebook users that have actively engaged with brands via the respective platforms.

Check the following Facebook vs. Pinterest data gathered in the study:


After reading this Bizrate comparison of Facebook and Pinterest it highlighted several areas I want to remind brands to keep in mind when deciding when/how to get their feet wet with Pinterest.

These  objectives are applicable to creating Facebook content as well, but they are that much MORE important to utilize when creating Pinterest content as this study confirms.

When creating content for your brand's Pinterest page keep these four objectives at the forefront of your mind:


Create content that inspires consumers, 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve purchased or wanted to purchase.


Create boards and images that are entertaining, 73% of online consumers use Pinterest for entertainment value.


Create content that is cutting-edge, new, hot, up-and-coming, the next coolest thing, etc. (Maybe go to the office intern for this one) 67% of online consumers use Pinterest to keep up with the latest trends.


Create content to be shared er "repinned!" Another important factor the study points out is HOW customers engage on these platforms.

"Pinterest users are more likely to be 'Creators': adding and sharing retailer/brand related content, while Facebook users are more likely to be 'Participators': interacting with promotional activities developed by retailers and brands." 

Create content that people are going to re-pin to their boards.

***TRY THIS: If you are creating boards about your brand and are deciding to capitalize on the ever-growing infographic approach, don't forget to put your brand's logo on that infographic.  If it's a good one and gets re-pinned 500 times, that's 500 free advertisements for your brand!