Facebook Business Page Glossary

After working in the world of social media marketing and using Facebook since my freshmen year of college, certain Facebook terms have become second nature to me, so common that I forget that often times people who are just starting to use Facebook for marketing purposes may need a Facebook business page glossary to reference.

A Beginner's Facebook Business Page Glossary:

Account Settings- By clicking on the "Edit Page" option at the very center of your business page, you can then click on "Edit Settings." Under edit settings you have numerous options to help better manage your page.  You can control who can view your page and if you want to put any restrictions on posting or messaging, here's the place to do that.

facebook business page glossary
facebook business page glossary

Activity Log- Your activity log can be found under the "Edit Page" menu option at the top center of your business page profile.  Click "Use Activity Log." Here you can see what posts you have scheduled (you can also edit those posts) and you can see past activity for your business page. This includes things you've previously posted and your previous comments and likes on others business pages.

Admin- An admin is a person who can manage your page.  You can manage admin roles and change who is allowed what level of access to your business page. Simply click "Edit Page" at the top center of your business page and then select "Manage Admin Roles."

facebook business page glossary
facebook business page glossary

Apps- You know those boxes next to the box titled "photos" and where it says how many people like your page? Well all those "boxes" are places to add apps. Developers can create a wide variety of apps for business pages. Tip: Use Woobox to easily (and for free) create apps for your other social networks.

Cover Photo- Your cover photo is the photo that is featured above your profile photo.  The standard dimensions are: 851 px by 315 px.

Engagement- Engagement means that someone interacted with your status update in some way. The standard types of engagement are liking, commenting or sharing a post you have posted on your timeline.

Insights- You can find page insights in several places on your page.  If you have just logged in and are looking at the very top of your business page, you will find a "See Insights" option at the top right. Here you can get a TON of data about how your Facebook business page is doing. From seeing the demographics of who likes your page to understanding which posts perform the best, the insights tool is INCREDIBLY helpful and a must for analyzing whether or not your Facebook strategy is meeting your desired objectives.

Messages- Unlike wall posts, messages are not visible to the public.  They are private messages sent directly to your business page. You can control wether or not your business page can receive messages under the settings option.

NewsFeed- Your newsfeed can be found by clicking "home." This is a feed of status updates from those that you follow.

Page Info- Your page information is where you can offer up the basics of your company. Some of the things you can include are: a long description of your page, when your company was founded, the address, your mission statement, your website, etc. To edit your page information, click on "Edit Page" at the top center of your profile page, then select "Update Page Info."

Profile Photo- A profile photo is the smaller photo that slightly overlaps your cover photo. When choosing your company page cover photo it is important to remember that this is the photo associated with any comments or posts you make on other pages.  Tip: I suggest you make your profile photo some sort of logo that is easily associated with your company. Your profile photo is displayed at 160 px by 160 px.

Reach- Reach is the amount of people who saw a particular post show up in their newsfeed. There is "organic" reach and "paid" reach. Paid reach comes from advertising.

Status Update- Your status is where you create updates about your company.  This is where you post photos, videos, etc. Status updates are often referred to as "posts."

facebook business page glossary
facebook business page glossary

Timeline- Your timeline is what is often also referred to as your profile.  If you go into your business page and are looking at the stream of posts you've done, this is your timeline.

Wall posts- Wall posts are posts by others on your company page.  This generally appears in the top right if you are looking at your page. If you have this setting turned on to allow others to post on your wall, these posts are visible to the public.

Didn't find the term you were looking for in my Facebook business page glossary? For a complete list of terms, visit Facebook's "Glossary of Terms" page or contact me!

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