A 101 Guide to Engaging on Google+ [Infographic]

Perhaps you have created a social media strategy and have decided that Google+ will be a relevant platform for your business.  You've set up your Google+ page and have started growing your audience. Now, how do you go about engaging on Google+?

Last week the infographic below went viral.  It's an incredibly helpful breakdown on how you should be navigating the sometimes complicated seas of the social media platform and  be effectively engaging on Google+.

As the infographic below demonstrates, Google+ is a great place for sharing content for multiple reasons.

But how do you share that content?

1. First, you are going to want to segment your circles.  Circles allow you to create groups of those that you communicate with. You will want to break this down based on who you are regularly communicating with and what their main relationship is to you and your content. Keep friends and family whom you may share more intimate content, i.e. baby photos, separate from those who regularly engage with your blog content.

2. Second, join some communities. Google+ had a wide variety of niche communities. Try to think of where your target audience will be hanging out. For example, while I am part of a lot of marketing communities, I also join a lot of small business and business development communities as that is where potential prospects will be looking for content to help them with their small business.

General best practices for engaging on Google+:

  • Avoid hitting the 'notify by email' option when sharing with your circles. We all get enough emails already. There is no need to update your network with information that isn't urgent or specifically directed at them in an email.

  • Don't just share your content without explaining why you're sharing it and/or trying to spark a further conversation. Don't 'content dump.'

  • Read community guidelines. Some communities explicitly prohibit you from posting your own content.

  • Mix up the content you post. It should be a good mix of your own content, articles you find interesting and general questions/comments.

  • Avoid repetition. Don't post the same thing in multiple communities.  Remember, even though you share content in a community, it sill shows up on your profile. You don't want the same exact post appearing multiple times on your profile stream.

  • Format your posts. Make use of images, hashtags, tagging, spacing, bolding, etc.

Take a closer look at the infographic below for more best practices when it comes to engaging on Google+:



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