My 2015 Marketing Resolutions

I'm not typically one for New Year's resolutions. I tend to think you should constantly be analyzing and improving yourself and your work, not just once a year.

That being said, I'm all for people making resolutions if it helps them start setting goals for the year ahead. I may be a week or two late, but I wanted to share my 2015 marketing resolutions anyway. 

Do you ever find yourself constantly wondering about what something means but you never stop to look up the answer?

Do you do things a certain way just because someone once told you to do it that way and you never questioned it?

How about knowing you should/could do something to improve but just never getting to it?

I have a few of each of these things and this year that's what I want to work on and improve in my marketing tactics and strategies to help see the bigger picture.

Here are my 2015 Marketing Resolutions:

  1. Understand Google Analytics better. Google Analytics is a powerful analytics tool- no doubt about it. But it's not the most user-friendly platform. If you've ever started to look around Google Analytics, you know that. Every now and then I run into a metric or the way something is phrased and I don't always completely understand it. I want to start figuring out all I can about Google Analytics and see if there are ways I can better apply numbers, etc. to our overall marketing analysis.

  2. Use Video. FINALLY. Video is undeniably a great content marketing tool. Video and images are the easiest ways for a consumer to understand your product or service. Yet video is expensive, time consuming and challenging when it comes to knowing where to start or how to creatively and effectively implement it into your marketing strategy. This year I vow to create a comprehensive video marketing strategy.

  3. Utilize/make more connections. With the current state of social media and my social life, there is no reason I shouldn't be trying to learn more from my colleagues, my friends and my social connections. Starting a job as the Director of Marketing at a start-up has been an entirely new experience for me, yet, an experience that I'm sure so many people can relate to in some way or another and offer a tip or two. Instead of just pondering my strategies, I need to start bouncing them off of the minds of professionals who can relate and help me brainstorm ways in which I can enhance or realize those strategies.

  4. Rethink every social media post before you hit "post." I've slowed down on posting on social- a lot. There are so many messages on social out there. Social media is undoubtedly a great tool, one I'm a super huge fan of. but we get so caught up in posting a mile a minute and sharing our every thought that we don't often look at the bigger picture. While social messages may not last a lifetime, or even more than a few minutes, we still need to think before we post. With Zuli, as we are a start-up, from day one I want to make sure every message we put out on social has to do with what we're trying to become, not just who we are right now.

  5. Ask 'Is this on brand?' before everything. Often we're in the mentality that posting something is better than nothing. Not true, especially for products and services that don't have a brick and mortar store and exist solely on the Internet. You have to create your own 'atmosphere' and therefore every message you send out needs to be an extension of who you are as a company.

  6. Bottom line. Always. When creating and implementing marketing campaigns I can easily get lost in the fun and creative. Don't get me wrong, fun and creative certainly has its place in marketing, but when building and creating a marketing strategy from the ground up, you need to be thinking about the bigger picture always. How can you tie any given tactic to a number that reflects company growth?

  7. Slow down & focus in. I tend to be go, go, go when it comes to getting stuff done. I make lists and want to cross items off so feverishly sometimes that I almost lose the focus of the task on hand in the first place. One of the best things that taking a full-time role for one single company has allowed/forced me to do is slow down. I now think about why it is I'm doing what I'm doing and focus on doing it the best way possible.

  8. Stop making lists. For some people I would say making lists is a good productivity tip. For others, such as myself, it can be counter productive. (See #7 above.) While I'm an obsessive compulsive list maker, recently I've been avoiding looking at my list for the first hour of work. This allows me to review from the day before, catch up on news and marketing trends. It gives me a creative, fresh start verses just diving in and starting to go, go, go.

There are plenty of other things I could work on perfecting when it comes to marketing tactics and strategies. I'm certainly always working on improving, asking questions and always trying to learn. That is probably the best advice I could give anyone in this industry or in life in general! But these are the eight things I want to start focusing on now, these eight are for the bigger picture.

What are your resolutions this year?!